Arles 2011: the triumph of the passport photo – Enez Vaz

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Great article over at Enez Vaz. The photography event Les Rencontrese 2011 in Arles is now the 42nd time running and has a photo booth installed. We thought as they mentioned us and we generated already a bit of traffic from them we should link them in return. Head over there for the whole article…

Arles 2011: the triumph of the passport photo “Enez Vaz


Marco Bellini Analogue Photo Booth Exhibition At Bicha Gallery

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Tantrum Magazine Launch Photo Booth Feature

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I met Amy and here girls a while ago for a photo shoot at the booth. Tantrum Magazine had their launch party 2 weeks ago at 93 feet east and their first issue went on-line a week ago. Chuffed I could contribute at such early state and be part of their first issue.

There was a funny moment when the make up artist realised that the booth only shoots black and white,  nevertheless she added some bold eyes and lips to the photos.

Fashion comes usually in a form of a t-shirt and jeans to me, but still I thought it’s a good read and well made. Wish them all the best with future issues. It’s about time for a new and fresh magazine out there. Make sure you follow the link below check out the magazine.

“…Tantrum Magazine is an upcoming quarterly publication aimed at unconventional and independent fashion-forward individuals aged 16-25…Taking the spotlight off the countless whimsical magazines of the day, Tantrum caters for those who prefer their dose of fashion with an eclectic mix of music and cultural features and a whole load of attitude.”

A Hard Days Night

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One of the Beatles songs that I actually kinda like features a sweet little photo booth scene.

Yeah, it’s true I’m not a fan, but don’t blame it on the booth. This is just a personal thing.

The booth is still the same old booth,taking four black and white analogue photos.  Enjoy the video and don’t forget to drop by soon for your little escape…


Bob Dylan – When The Night Comes Falling From The Sky

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Usually I’m more for his earlier work, but then everybody is. So lets have some 80s cheese for his birthday instead…

Photo Booth Project by Shiraz Ksaiba

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Photographer Shiraz Ksaiba is collecting photo booth portraits for her project:

“This is one of the only analogue photo booths in London. Bring any props that you would like to use for the pictures as little or as much as you like as long as we can still both fit in the booth. I will cover the first set of pics for the project & if you want a 2nd set for you to keep then you pay for that!”

We organized this date short notice and hope you can make to Cargo to get your photos taken. Maybe you work in the area and can pop over in your lunch break or have your day off and in the area.

Check here collection so far on her blog and Facebook:

Photographer John Perivolaris will be around too and is planning to shoot photos for his Shoreditch Bridge project afterwards:

More info on our Facebook page:

Web Finds

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This is a collection of videos shot in photo booths around the world. Some are scenes of movies or music videos, some are documentaries or part of an art project and some are just for fun. There is no particular order and I will update this post as I come across any clips. Your welcome to mail me any interesting links or your own videos, if want me to feature them here.

Depeche Mode – See You 1982

Metropolis Bericht – Photoautomaten – Kunst on Arte TV

TV report from RBB (Berlins TV station) on Photoautomat

Lena – Touch a new day (Eurovision contest winning song featuring a photo booth scene in Berlin)

Berliner Nachtleben und die wunderbaren Photoautomaten

Mickey in a  photo booth

Die Killerpilze – Komm Komm

Liebe Minou – Cookie Concert Tour Part 2 Photoautomat/Feldstrasse 

4 Minutes Berlin- Part 2 by Anna Pesavento

Buffalo 66 Photo Booth Scene

This one of the most hilarious video clips from Vincent Gallos movie Buffalo 66. Unfortunately there was no clip available that could be embedded on WordPress, but I just had to list it anyway. If you don’t know it already, just follow the link and you’ll know what I mean…

Sällskapsresan – Fotoautomat

The Photoautomat by Selz Dizman 

Photoautomat Animation by Ofer Woberger

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