After two exiting years of Photoautomat in London we finally managed to get a new site in the heart of Hackney right in front of Netil House.

The booth arrived on Friday 16/03/2012 and after 3 days of hard work the booth went live on Monday. While working on the booth over the weekend there was a lot of interest from people passing by. Residents, mums with baby trolleys, the hackney hipsters, some builders doing work on the other side of the road all were quite curious what was here the making. Most people thought it is just a temporary art installation, but were quite exited to hear it will be actually a working photo booth.

I contacted the guys at Netil House quite a while ago and got straight away some positive response, but it took a few month until Fran Levy from Creative Network Partners, who run the site, as well as their sister site in Hackney Downs got back to me. Initially we decide to install the booth in-house at the Platform Cafe, Bar and Terrace, but due to problems getting the booth upstairs we decided to put the booth right outside the front entrance.

We are really excited about the new installation and that we work together with Netil House. The new site and their surroundings sits well with the idea behind Photoautomat. Our goal is simple: to inspire fun and creativity in people of all ages and background. We want to give people the opportunity to break out of their routine for a moment, to do something creative, silly or just have a bit of fun. The idea is to work together on creating an ongoing gallery and events around the site, our booth, residents and the public. We will kick that off with an open day on 19/04/2012 to launch the booth, gallery and promoting the site and residents. I’ll be posting more on the launch event once we get more details in, but put the date in your diary.


~ by Photoautomat on March 23, 2012.

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