Jarvis Cocker Photo Booth Strip Bookmarks

The special edition of Jarvis Cockers – Mother, Brother, Lover: selected lyrics – each contain a  unique bookmark shot in our photo booth at Cargo.
To my great surprise he came to the shoot just himself without any entourage, as you’d expect from a big rock star. Equipped with just Mr Oizo, a pen and some sheets of paper he soldiered through all photo booth strips in one go. We had scheduled 3 2hour sessions before, but while I sorted some refreshments in between, he didn’t leave the booth before he had shot 400 of the 480 images.

It was great spending some time with the man. Totally down to earth and easy to talk to. He told me about his upcoming reading and Q&A at his secondary school in Sheffield. He said the reading gave him many sleepless nights and that he was more scared of appearing at his former school than he a had ever been before a gig or other public appearances.

The next set features Mr Oizo the pseudonym of French DJ and film director Quentin Dupieux. Mr Oizo was a present from his girlfriend. Jarvis became quite fond of the little creature on a gig at Fabric where he did a DJ set. To Jarvis great amusement Mr Oizo was dancing in the DJ booth of another set.

That was my day with Jarvis talking France, his son, Pulp, Mr Oizo, Sheffield and other stuff. I let you out with Jarvis talking to Faber Publishing Director Lee Brackstone about writing lyrics, his inspiration, habits and thoughts on putting together his first published collection.

Get out there and get yourself a copy. It’s a great read and must for any fan.
The special edition comes at quite a price, but the normal hard cover comes at £10.49 and that leaves you still a few quid to go out and shoot your own bookmark (Cheeky suggestion,I know, but well…) at our Photoautomat.




~ by Photoautomat on November 5, 2011.

One Response to “Jarvis Cocker Photo Booth Strip Bookmarks”

  1. Extremely cool. Thanks for letting us know!

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