Tantrum Magazine Launch Photo Booth Feature

I met Amy and here girls a while ago for a photo shoot at the booth. Tantrum Magazine had their launch party 2 weeks ago at 93 feet east and their first issue went on-line a week ago. Chuffed I could contribute at such early state and be part of their first issue.

There was a funny moment when the make up artist realised that the booth only shoots black and white,  nevertheless she added some bold eyes and lips to the photos.

Fashion comes usually in a form of a t-shirt and jeans to me, but still I thought it’s a good read and well made. Wish them all the best with future issues. It’s about time for a new and fresh magazine out there. Make sure you follow the link below check out the magazine.

“…Tantrum Magazine is an upcoming quarterly publication aimed at unconventional and independent fashion-forward individuals aged 16-25…Taking the spotlight off the countless whimsical magazines of the day, Tantrum caters for those who prefer their dose of fashion with an eclectic mix of music and cultural features and a whole load of attitude.”




~ by Photoautomat on June 21, 2011.

4 Responses to “Tantrum Magazine Launch Photo Booth Feature”

  1. Nice article! Do you have pictures of the booth itself? I don’t think I’ve ever seen a booth that old – a real treasure!

    • Thanks. You’ll find some photos in earlier posts and Flickr or you can check the website from my partners in Germany. Links are all on the side bar.

      The booth are all refurbished though, so they don’t have the original look any more.

  2. oh wow! looks like an exciting magazine and i’m definitely visiting cargo next time i’m in london
    thanks for the interesting post!

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