Web Finds

This is a collection of videos shot in photo booths around the world. Some are scenes of movies or music videos, some are documentaries or part of an art project and some are just for fun. There is no particular order and I will update this post as I come across any clips. Your welcome to mail me any interesting links or your own videos, if want me to feature them here.

Depeche Mode – See You 1982

Metropolis Bericht – Photoautomaten – Kunst on Arte TV

TV report from RBB (Berlins TV station) on Photoautomat

Lena – Touch a new day (Eurovision contest winning song featuring a photo booth scene in Berlin)

Berliner Nachtleben und die wunderbaren Photoautomaten

Mickey in a  photo booth

Die Killerpilze – Komm Komm

Liebe Minou – Cookie Concert Tour Part 2 Photoautomat/Feldstrasse 

4 Minutes Berlin- Part 2 by Anna Pesavento

Buffalo 66 Photo Booth Scene


This one of the most hilarious video clips from Vincent Gallos movie Buffalo 66. Unfortunately there was no clip available that could be embedded on WordPress, but I just had to list it anyway. If you don’t know it already, just follow the link and you’ll know what I mean…

Sällskapsresan – Fotoautomat

The Photoautomat by Selz Dizman 

Photoautomat Animation by Ofer Woberger



~ by Photoautomat on April 26, 2011.

6 Responses to “Web Finds”

  1. All come with a unique photobooth picture on them – the landscape was just for postcards and online stuff.

  2. Collection of photos taken mostly in Kreuzberg between January and April this year for my last album put together in a slideshow video:

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