Photoautomat Feature on Marissa Chens Very Likely Tumbler

On my last photo booth session with Mr MixUp we met Marissa Chen for a little interview. Marissa comes from Singapore and studies at Birkbeck creative writing. She contacted me a while ago about having a feature on her blog.

As Steve aka MixUp was around I invited her around for our little session. She joined the fun armed with her Blackberry to question us. Follow the link below to the full article and check out the rest of her blog…

“…It is nearly six in the evening at the end of November, and central London is beset with the kind of cold that turns breath to frost and the gas bill into a Saudi prince’s ransom. Next to us, Steve Howard – sleeves up, wits out and about – is foraging…

…I’ve got an idea,” he announces. Alex Kokott doesn’t miss a beat. “Tree branch is good,” he agrees casually from where he is seated a few feet away, basking in the warmth of a roaring outdoor heater…

…Over the past two years the duo put this hypothesis of Mixup’s to the test, and the findings have always proved more than favourable. Their goal is to both maximize and manipulate the creative possibilities offered by the medium, to transgress the limitations of both the single frame and the chronographic strip in order to create unconventional portraits…”


~ by Photoautomat on February 5, 2011.

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