Terrible Movement & Photoautomat T-Shirt Competition

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First prize is one of these!!!

Second is £30 towards one of these!!!

Third prize is £20 towards one of these!!!

All you got to do is take take some of these in your local Photoautomat…

…upload them to our Facebook Page Like us & Terrible Movement  Sit tight and keep your fingers crossed.

Most of all, have lots of fun taking the photos and show us some terrible movement!!!

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 Terrible Movement

Angel Magazine Netil Launch Spread

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Our launch party at Netil House was featured alongside Jaime Winstone, Pam Hogg and Jarvis Cocker at Vauxhall Car Boot Fair as the best event/party in the area on Angels City Spy.

City Spy article

Photoautomat Launch Party @ Netil House Party Pics

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I Think the title says it all and that should suffice. Just two things. A big thanks to the Netil House crew to getting this organized and thanks to everybody who made it such a great evening. Really enjoyed it and it seemed everybody else too, but see yourself…

Photos by Saskia Gall


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Lets hope we have some sunshine for our launch party next Thursday. We’ll set up a tent outside Netil House next to the Photoautomat. There will be free photos, alcoholic ice lollies and other refreshments. We also want use the occasion to get our ongoing photo booth gallery pin board wall upstairs at Platform Cafe.


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After two exiting years of Photoautomat in London we finally managed to get a new site in the heart of Hackney right in front of Netil House.

The booth arrived on Friday 16/03/2012 and after 3 days of hard work the booth went live on Monday. While working on the booth over the weekend there was a lot of interest from people passing by. Residents, mums with baby trolleys, the hackney hipsters, some builders doing work on the other side of the road all were quite curious what was here the making. Most people thought it is just a temporary art installation, but were quite exited to hear it will be actually a working photo booth.

I contacted the guys at Netil House quite a while ago and got straight away some positive response, but it took a few month until Fran Levy from Creative Network Partners, who run the site, as well as their sister site in Hackney Downs got back to me. Initially we decide to install the booth in-house at the Platform Cafe, Bar and Terrace, but due to problems getting the booth upstairs we decided to put the booth right outside the front entrance.

We are really excited about the new installation and that we work together with Netil House. The new site and their surroundings sits well with the idea behind Photoautomat. Our goal is simple: to inspire fun and creativity in people of all ages and background. We want to give people the opportunity to break out of their routine for a moment, to do something creative, silly or just have a bit of fun. The idea is to work together on creating an ongoing gallery and events around the site, our booth, residents and the public. We will kick that off with an open day on 19/04/2012 to launch the booth, gallery and promoting the site and residents. I’ll be posting more on the launch event once we get more details in, but put the date in your diary.

Jarvis Cocker Photo Booth Strip Bookmarks

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The special edition of Jarvis Cockers – Mother, Brother, Lover: selected lyrics – each contain a  unique bookmark shot in our photo booth at Cargo.
To my great surprise he came to the shoot just himself without any entourage, as you’d expect from a big rock star. Equipped with just Mr Oizo, a pen and some sheets of paper he soldiered through all photo booth strips in one go. We had scheduled 3 2hour sessions before, but while I sorted some refreshments in between, he didn’t leave the booth before he had shot 400 of the 480 images.

It was great spending some time with the man. Totally down to earth and easy to talk to. He told me about his upcoming reading and Q&A at his secondary school in Sheffield. He said the reading gave him many sleepless nights and that he was more scared of appearing at his former school than he a had ever been before a gig or other public appearances.

The next set features Mr Oizo the pseudonym of French DJ and film director Quentin Dupieux. Mr Oizo was a present from his girlfriend. Jarvis became quite fond of the little creature on a gig at Fabric where he did a DJ set. To Jarvis great amusement Mr Oizo was dancing in the DJ booth of another set.

That was my day with Jarvis talking France, his son, Pulp, Mr Oizo, Sheffield and other stuff. I let you out with Jarvis talking to Faber Publishing Director Lee Brackstone about writing lyrics, his inspiration, habits and thoughts on putting together his first published collection.

Get out there and get yourself a copy. It’s a great read and must for any fan.
The special edition comes at quite a price, but the normal hard cover comes at £10.49 and that leaves you still a few quid to go out and shoot your own bookmark (Cheeky suggestion,I know, but well…) at our Photoautomat.



Kate Tylers Alphabetak Photo booth Series

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Nottingham seems to be the home of photo booth art these days. Artists include Mr MixUp, John Perivolaris and Kate Tyler. I am glad they are regular customers to my booth. Over the time I bumped into them and had a few photo booth sessions with Mr MixUp.

Kate Tyler is a self-confessed photo booth fanatic and photographer. In her Aplphabetak series she shoots different versions of the alphabet – from Arabic, sign language to Morse code. All beautifully shot in our Photoautomat. No edits and photo shop. Just pure analogue photo booth strips.  Follow the link below to her website for her other work.

Kate Tyler



Mr MixUP


John Perivolaris



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